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Our jewelry is created in our studio, in NYC's historic Financial District. Everything is hand finished, and therefore delicate in nature. Treat it with care, and you will extend the longevity of all our jewelry. 

The following are tips for caring for your Cynthia Rybakoff jewelry, by category.


Exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity naturally cause sterling silver to tarnish, as well as the acids in your skin. Keep your sterling silver polished with a jewelry cloth or silver cleaner. We recommend using our special polishing cloth treated with anti-oxidants and non-scratch micro abrasives. For the best results, store your sterling silver in a dark, dry place, and seal in airtight ziploc bags. That's what we do.

Sterling silver may contain a small percentage of copper alloy, which may cause a temporary darkening of the skin in a small percentage of people, that will fade in a day or two. If you experience skin discoloration from our sterling silver jewelry, we can electroplate it in non-reactive rhodium, at the customer's expense. Skin discoloration caused by the copper in sterling silver is not an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to silver are itching, blistering and rash.


Oxidized sterling silver has been intentionally darkened and cleaning it may strip some or all of the dark patina. Instead, buff with a soft cloth to bring up the shine, if desired, or wipe with a damp cloth if dusty. Oxidized silver is low maintenance. We prefer a dull antique look for oxidized silver and don't think you need to do anything to it at all!


All of our electroplated metals are nickel free. Most are plated with a multi-step process. We apply a palladium undercoat to seal the brass or silver from the tarnish leaching through to the top layer. The next step is a layer of copper, followed by gold or rhodium. A clear protective coating is applied last, to improve the durability of the finish. The description with give you more details, as there are several different kinds of electroplating we use.

Electroplated metals are vulnerable to damage from chemicals, including those in soaps, perfumes, and lotions, as well as natural acids in your skin. The coating may scratch from heavy wear and tear. Please note that everyones' skin and activities are different, and we cannot predict how quickly electroplating will wear for you.

To preserve electroplated jewelry, do not immerse in water with detergents or chemicals, spray perfume or use products containing alcohol directly on the jewelry, such as hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, or use jewelry cleaners, as they may strip the surface, and damage the finish. Remove electroplated rings before activities such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, exercising, showering, swimming or sleeping. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. You can expect all electroplated jewelry to experience some wear and tear over time. Contact us about our re-plating services.


Gemstones and pearls are organic, delicate and vulnerable to breakage and chemicals, including those in soaps, perfumes and lotions. One should never use jewelry cleaners directly on the stone or pearl itself, as the chemicals and abrasives may damage the surface. Do not swim, bathe, or shower in gemstone or pearl jewelry. Store your gemstone and pearl jewelry in a soft pouch, or lined box, separated from other pieces of jewelry to prevent scratches, breaks, and loose stones. When traveling with gemstone of pearl jewelry, use a roll, or soft pouch to keep pieces separate and secure.

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