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I live and work in NYC. Inspiration is everywhere. My studio is located in a historic 19th century building, with wonderful light coming through the old windows, and a high ceiling. It’s my home away from home, where I design and make the jewelry. 

I gravitate towards fashion trends I know will become instant classics. I adore old films, and iconic style. It's a big part of my creative process each season. I grew up connected to the fashion industry in NYC, and it's a part of who I am. I've been making jewelry since I was 10 years old, and selling my own designs as long as I can remember.

As a young designer, I created runway jewelry for Isaac Mizrahi, Oscar De La Renta, and other NY fashion brands. I landed my dream job designing jewelry for Ralph Lauren in the 90's. That was followed by a stint at Tommy Hilfiger, at which point I launched my first collection for retail.

I create Modern Essentials. Those sophisticated updated pieces everyone craves, with quality craftsmanship and materials. I call it sustainable style. Timeless designs, hand fabricated in small batches, you can invest in. Modern classic jewelry with a dash of downtown chic.

My jewelry is made from brass and precious metals with real gemstones and pearls. Shop my collection exclusively on my website, or make an appointment at my studio to shop in person. Follow along on social media for product drops, New York stories, and iconic vintage fashion and travel inspo! Sign up for bi-monthly newsletter updates, including seasonal product launches, special events and promotions.

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